Assistant ski school director

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    December 2012
  • Villages :
    Sahoro, Japan
  • Training :
    Advanced Diploma of Hospitality and Tourism Management, NZSIA Fully Certified Ski Instructor
  • Ski instructor
  • Assistant ski school instructor
Key phrase
It’s not every day you get to be involved in big stage productions followed by meeting amazing people from around the world


Having an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality and Tourism Management and NZSIA Fully Certified Ski Instructor, I really wanted to see what Club Med was about having not experienced it before, along with the opportunity to travel and ski in Japan.

So, I entered as Ski GO at Club Med and am now the Ski School Director Assistant. I am in charge of the organisation of the daily running of the Ski School, Mini Club Arrivals/Departures and Presentations, Ski School Shows and supervision of Ski G.O Staff with much more!


The professional skills required to work in this position are ski instructors certification, excellent communication skills in all areas, strong logistical skills, interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and management experience is preferred but not essential.

Personal competencies are also required: patience, attentiveness and being extremely proactive in all aspects of being in a hotel environment. Strong understanding of the ski / snowboard industry, attention to detail and being always 10 minutes early to everything!


Being a skier at club med, knowing that during the day I will have an opportunity to ski the lightest driest powder in the world matched with the excellent terrain and tree runs to go with it and having some really cool guests and staff to share it with makes me want to wake up every morning as a GO! I really had the best skiing EVER in my life at Club Med!

Moreover, Club Med has taken me further in relation to my communication skills along with having an inside look of how the daily operation of an international ski school looks like. This will help in the future as I am passionate about the industry and I want to see everyone in it consistently progress as it is growing at a rapid rate.

Thus, my Club Med experience had an impact on my life. It’s not every day you get to be involved in big stage productions followed by meeting some amazing people from around the world.