Golf Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    October 2008
  • Villages :
    Opio en Provence, Agadir, Marrakech La Palmeraie, Pompadour, Vittel
  • Training :
    BP JEPS (Physical Instruction Certificate) in Golf (work placement with Club Med)
  • Golf instructor
  • Golf Manager and Golf Adviser
Key phrase
Club Med is the place to discover and rediscover yourself

I joined the Club as part of a work placement. In two years, I obtained a BP JEPS (Physical Instruction Certificate) in Golf and moved from being an animateur to an instructor. I am now a Golf Manager. My role is to manage a team consisting of around 10 instructors and keep them motivated to achieve the village's objectives. I also play a mentoring role as I assist and train first-season G.Os who arrive at the village: I teach them about how Club Med works and its values.

In my opinion, a good manager at the Club should be able to manage his/her time and team and above all communicate effectively, whether with managers, G.Os or G.Ms. It is very important to be receptive and adapt your stance to the person in front of you! You also need to have a pleasant appearance and be kind, friendly and punctual in order to show the example as a manager. But most important is being yourself as I think that G.Os who are not natural and play a part do not go very far...

The Club is a superb school of life and genuine source of professional enrichment of course as I have been able to teach beginners, intermediate to professional levels and golf enthusiasts but enrichment is also personal. The Club has opened my mind, encouraged me to move forward with people, establish bonds... and reveal my talents on stage! I also take part in shows and one could say I have discovered a hidden talent.

I would really like to stay at the Club in order to continue to learn and work in Golf which, for me, is a genuine passion. One day, why not, I will apply to be a Sports Manager but for the time being, I get a lot of pleasure in my job.