VTC - Village Training Coordinator

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    January 2008
  • Villages :
    Bali, Bintan, Itaparica, Lindeman
  • Childcare coordinator
  • Front desk agent
  • Transportation
  • Assistant front desk manager
  • front desk manager
  • Village training coordinator
Key phrase
I have so many paths with Club Med yet to explore. I am following the path of happiness!


Having fallen in love with Club Med as a repeater GM with my family, I grew up looking forward to the next Club Med holiday. Every season a new set of G.O’s that changed my summer vacation. I could feel the “Club Med Spirit” then and I wanted to be a part of the fun permanently.


I arrived in Club Med for a 3-month contract yet I found myself and I found people like me. I found fun and energy and a life that keeps you young and full of experience. I found the place for me. You can be who you want to be. You are hired for your personality and you are taught every skill you might need.

I am currently the Village Training coordinator, based in Bali, responsible for the development of our G.O’s and G.E’s in 3 Villages: Bali, Sahoro and Kabira.  For this position, you need to be organised, patient, professional, positive and honest. A lot of the time in this role you are coaching and advising so you definitely need to be confident in your own skin. Every season my villages change, keeping me on my toes and my job very exciting. 


Every day I wake to a paradise. I wake to a family of caring people and to amazing friends. I am guaranteed to laugh every day, surrounded by ridiculously talented people. I get to sit in my office, talk to people, eat Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and dinner AND I dance every day. I have the life.

We have the absolute pleasure in meeting the most fabulous people from all over the globe. Saying “Goodbye” or even “See you next time” is the more difficult part in my job… It’s well known to say once a G.O always a G.O and forever this impact of happiness and friendliness will be a part of my life.


I grew in my career. I grew very fast. Club med had opened a door that was in my unforeseeable future to the foreseeable future in no time at all. I have worked in different countries, learnt languages and I have been lucky to meet professionals. This company has so much to offer and I have only scratched the surface, I have so many paths with Club Med yet to explore. I am following the path of happiness.  I have an abundance of opportunities and it’s only the beginning.