Leisure services assistant

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    March 2008
  • Villages :
    Lindeman, Cherating, Sahoro, Itaparica, Bintan, Bali
  • Mini club
  • Mini Club manager
  • Sports Manager
Key phrase
It's a real privilege to be a G.O. at Club Med


I discovered the greatness of Club Med as a child. I used to visit some of Club Med’s villages with my parents. And, I always wanted to be part of the GO team.

I started my career at Club Med in 2008 as a mini club GO. Then, I became a mini club manager. Today, I am a sports and events manager. So, all you need is experience. You have to be open to learn the technical part of the job in order to progress in the team.

The best GO manager could be someone who likes the GO lifestyle, somebody who cares about people and wants to be part of their life. When you first start, it will be quite difficult to adapt your life to the new lifestyle, but once you are used to this life, you never go back. All you need is dedication.

Club Med gave me the opportunity to meet and learn new cultures and languages. Club Med gave me also the pleasure to manage people from 25 countries all around the world. Today, the way I think, I communicate, and I see things are very different. This great family, made me who I am today.

Next season, I will become a Leisure Services Manager and eventually, I want to keep growing in the company and become a chief of village. Possibilities are endless at Club Med.