Our HR vision

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Our management principles

Five words summarize the future of Club Med: Talent, Innovation, Decentralization, Result, Success.

If they are only words, they will make little impact on Club Med's ambition. However, if they become real management principles experienced on an everyday basis, which help us to clarify our priorities, accompany the transformation of the Club and its teams to be more reactive and agile in this permanently changing world, then they become fundamental.

The client is the core concern of our actions and innovations

More than ever, we need to place customers at the heart of our concerns, as the value we create for them guarantees the success and profitability of the Club.

The managers and the G.O's/G.E's expend the talents

The talent and personality of each G.O and G.E have written and continue to write the legend of the Club. Allowing each person to express their best - and to improve themselves - is a fundamental pillar of the Club.

Steering with the business and the results always in mind

We are all responsible for business and results on a daily basis to fulfill our ambition.

In Club Med, the performance is individual. The success is collective.

Individual performance serves common interest and collective success.

Operational decentralization is our navigation principle.

Our decisions are taken as close as possible to our customers while respecting the Group's interests.