Knowing us better

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The G.O, the founding pillar of Club Med

"At Club Med, kindness is a profession in its own right and that profession is more than a job, it's a lifestyle, it's a form of life", explained one of the founders, Gilbert Trigano.

The G.O, upholding the Club Med Spirit

The profession of G.O (Gentil Organisateur) was invented by Club Med 60 years ago. It is unique. The G.O is the ambassador of the Club Med spirit and upholds the company's values. In addition to their professionalism and know-how is added a way of being, which brings them close to customers and produces moments of happiness, kindness, conviviality, friendliness and humour.

G.Os, creating the bond

They have a special taste for team work. For them, the notion of solidarity means something.  Thanks to their generosity and competence, G.Os personalise service to customers. Passionate and friendly, they represent the joy of living and love to share it. They have a festive spirit. Curious about everything, they create bonds and are able to adapt easily to the personalities and cultures they meet.


G.Os, spreading the joy

G.Os are tolerant and are open to the diversity of the world around them and respectful of each person's differences. Their know-how and refinement allow them to contribute to the upscale service and atmosphere proposed by Club Med today in villages, to customers, G.Ms (Gentils Membres). By combining know-how and the right attitude, they rise to the challenge of self-revelation.